Admiral P is born in Zambia, and this is where he spent his first 13 years. With a Norwegian father and mother from Zambia, he has had a unique upbringing and journey through life. First as a white African/Norwegian, growing up in Zambia and later moving to Norway where he looked Norwegian, but certainly did not feel like it. His dad passed right after they moved to Norway and Admiral´s first years in Norway was full of problems adapting to a new country and youth rebellion. Music was a big part of Admiral´s life and through his mothers reggae records, he was inspired of the message about love & unity. When he met Daniel Lion a little bit later, that was it! Together they started the soundsystem Jah Ark Manifest with Jah-Tea (1999), and the rest is history! They have been spreading reggae-music ever since. Admiral has a rare talent, and have put his unique signature on a genre that has grown to become a huge part of Norway´s popular culture. With many hits, he has established himself as one of Norway´s top solo artists. He does not need an introduction no more. He won a Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) for “Engel” in 2015. Add all this up with a crazy live show with his band, The Global Citizen Band (9 piece band) and you have one of the strongest artists in Norway. Kallenavn-28mill Engel-26mill Snakke Litt-14mill Spinnvill-5mill Fy faen-3mill Gjør så godt du kan-3mill Livet er så sweet-4mill EP: Jobber overtid Album: Selvtillit & Tro -10 million Gold Certificate.

Album – Alltid Der (2018)

Album – Selvtillit & Tro (2014)

EP – Jobber Overtid (2010)